Talking Heads



The Talking Head Collection is KuuPotterys most current collection, dropping weekly for 22 weeks now on OpenSea.

 Link to collection page. 

KuuPotterys Talking Heads is a 1/1 series of 22 expressive ceramic sculptures examining the landscape of human emotions using facial expressions, words and images. 
These NFT editions will range in pricing depending on size and type of the physical piece included in the edition.
Holders of Talking Heads will have access to the Kuullectors ecosystem as well as have the ability to claim the physical vase in their respective 1/1 NFT. 
Claiming the physical vase in your NFT will result in a shipment as well as a watermark on the NFT signifying its claim. 

Holders of this collection will have access to a list of exclusive benefits including:

  • Monthly physical pottery giveaways delivered to their door- all expenses covered by KuuPottery. 
  • Early access to physical pottery drops.
  • Early access to all of Kuus future web3 drops, including airdrops. 
  • Access holder-only alpha chats in our discord