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Genesis Collection

The Women with Vases are now available on the secondary market on OpenSea. Link to collection page. 

Women with Vases is a generative PFP (profile picture) NFT collection illustrated by Kassandra Guzman.

All attributes from the accessories, background, vase, hair, and skin tone, were hand drawn and then randomized in an algorithm that generated 100 unique Women with Vases that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each item in the collection features a unique pottery piece from one of Kuu's existing ceramics collections. No two items in the collection will have the same piece of pottery. 

This NFT project is a new step for Kuu in her Web3 exploration. The purpose of this collection is to tie her physical collections into the digital world.

Holders of this collection will have access to a list of exclusive benefits including:

  • Monthly physical pottery giveaways delivered to their door- all expenses covered by KuuPottery. 
  • Early access to physical pottery drops.
  • Early access to all of Kuus future web3 drops, including airdrops. 
  • Access holder-only alpha chats in our discord


This collection is dedicated to all the women who have supported Kuu since she first opened her doors in 2016. Women were always the first and the majority of those who have supported her art.





Where can I purchase Women with Vases?
The collection sold out during the public sale on March 21, 2022, but you can purchase them from secondary sellers on the Women with Vases OpenSea collection page.


When is the presale and sale?
The pre-sale and public sale occurred on March 21, 2022.

How much will it cost to purchase?
.05 Ether (approximately $150 USD) 

How can I contact you?
You can email any questions or collaboration requests to kindhuman@kuupottery.com.

How many can I purchase?
As many as you like. The more you own, the more opportunities you have in our giveaways, and the more benefits you get in future offerings.


How can I connect with other collectors?
Join the KuuPottery collectors Discord server to connect with other collectors and community members!



For those of you that are curious about NFTs but feel overwhelmed on where to begin, start by watching this video here.