About the Creativity Workshop

A brief introduction on the Workshop! 

Transcript: Welcome to the Creativity Workshop.

I am your guide, Kassandra, & I  have been making art all of my life.

I’ve played and recorded music, exhibited paintings, written stories, taken photographs and now I am  creating ceramics.

Along the years I have seen my creativity evolve and shift tremendously as I dove into finding tools that would unlock the boundless potential of my mind.


This creativity workshop at its core,

are a set of tools and practices to find inspiration and meaning in your every day life,

from learning how to deep dive into your consciousness,

to simple tips on forming new habits,

you will learn to source ideas and express your messaging from within.


Expect nightly meditation practices accompanied by philosophical literary works, teachings from amazing gurus, and witness the science of your brain undergoing neuroplasticity.


Every week we will,

  • dive into a specific topic 
  • work on creative prompts
  • complete guided meditations
  • acquire tools that can help you through so many different obstacles

and I promise,

you will acquire a new lens in your creativity,

if you participate and embrace these practices fully.


Im so excited to guide you on this journey.


Lets get Started ….

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Loved Kuu for many years ❤ can’t wait to listen to your podcast babe ❤

Julianna A Medina

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