About the Artist + Mentions

photo by Mcklyn Cole Valenciano and Styling by Ryan James Conover

KuuPottery is a ceramics studio producing handmade small batch collections in Miami Fl. Kuu has been featured in Arch Digest, Design Milk, Real Simple Mag, Showtime and 1000 Vases in Paris.


About the artist

Kassandra Guzman, aka Kuu, was born and grew up in Miami, FL. She founded KuuPottery in 2016 while getting her business degree from Florida International University.

KuuPottery started as a studio out of Kuu's apartment where she taught wheel throwing to the Miami community in addition to making small batch releases [1]. Demand quickly forced her to grow out of the apartment and she relocated to different studio locations in the Miami area and began to work at the studio full-time. NBC Miami described KuuPottery as a "fully equipped ceramic shop and pottery studio offering classes for anyone looking to get those creative juices flowing" [2]] 

In 2018, Kuu began to explore the idea of the impermanence of organic objects, and released her artificial fruit collection. The items in this collection represent the encapsulation of a moment in time of the lifespan of organic objects, and by creating a physical replica, celebrating the immortality that comes from art. Pieces from the collection were displayed and sold in Miami, LA, and New York.

She collaborated with fashion label Simonett in 2019 to celebrate the launch of their Miami location pop-up with a custom collection of flower vases. [3]

She shifted her focus in 2019 to explore new  designs around ceramic handles and its representation of concepts and emotions. She released her amphora collection, characterized by its slender, protruding handles, "organic shapes, and pastel color palettes" [4].

Items in Kuu's Amphora collection were featured in the "Ziwe" Showtime series, hosted by famous comedian Ziwe Fumudoh. The collection was also displayed and sold both domestically as well as internationally in cities like Dublin and London. [5]


In 2020, Kuu opened a studio in Seattle. Having to adapt to the solitude and stillness caused by the COVID-era quarantine, she was inspired to explore how motion and movement could be represented through ceramics. In early 2021, she released Boinggg! A whimsical, energetic collection featuring  spring-inspired handles and experiments further with her Meta Collection in which she questions reality and uses her ceramics as vessels to transport the viewer to other places.

In 2022 Kuu released and sold out her first generative art collection Women With Vases which was a limited edition release of 100 unique digital portraits that was inspired by modern women.

In 2023 Kuu released her Bow Vessels which are currently located in Freye Museum Store for sale in Seattle Washington. 

You can now find Kuu in Miami Fl producing and selling her ceramic collections. 


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