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Enjoy this recording on Mind and Body Synchronicity followed by a guided meditation for your night time routine. 
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Audio Transcript: 

 Hi, its Kassandra,

this Week in the Creativity Workshop I introduce one of my favorite tools for thought paralysis and habit creation.

It is then followed by your nightly meditation for the week.

Speaking of practices for the week, what would be a creativity workshop be without a creative challenge?

This weeks Creativity Prompt is a “still life”

express your “still life” with any meidum you choose and lean into using your tools and meditation practices to create you work.

I will be posting all artist submissions of the weekly creativity prompts in The Gallery on Fridays.

I highly recommend you submit your artwork as a commitment to being creative and to inspire others to submit and be creative as well.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


Mind and Body in Synchronicity

The hardest part of creating, is getting started.

We can sit and plan the conception of art, but if we never get around to building the creation, then we won’t be able to manifest our ideas into reality.

Overthinkers love to deep dive into instagram, youtube, pinterest, or any search engine to see which direction they should take and how to begin.

This can seem strategic to an extent because we would call this "research,"

but it can also cause an overflow of information that can overwhelm your mind and cause delays in starting  or sometimes completely discourage us from creating.

For this workshop to be effective, I knew that it had to involve tools for looking within yourself.

Subjecting yourself to algorithms causes the left brain to become dormant because you are no longer using abstract thinking.

Actually, in my studies of lucid dreaming, which we will experiment with next week, I unveiled how the brain processes information in cycles and the effects of overwhelming amounts of content.


So, what should you do when you are paralyzed by thought?


The tool i find most effective for thought paralysis is the 5-4-3-2-1 method created by Mel Robbins.

It's simple psychology; if you want to do something, you have to count backward from 5 and take action right at 1.

Moving your body toward the direction of what you want to do is the most important part.

If you don't move your body after 5-4-3-2-1, then this method will not work.

If you feel called to do something and do not take action, you are not practicing the discipline needed to liberate yourself.

The mind and body should work together and if you are too in your mind you will continue to perpetuate the physical block that stops you from fulfilling your mental manifestations.

It's going to be very difficult to foster your creativity if you are stuck in a state of thought, planning or even perfectionism.

It is proven that the more you create the better your art and creative expression will be in the the long run rather than focusing on creating the perfect work of art and not allowing yourself to practice and evolve.

Repetition is key to training the mind, and when you practice the 5-4-3-2-1 method, you are learning to move in the physical plane on command.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, practicing this waking meditation method can be difficult believe it or not, your brain will try to convince you to conserve energy and not take action outside of your routine, which is why so many of us remain complacent in our comfort and never start anything new.

For centuries people stated

“you can’t teach on old dog new tricks”.

but this statement has proven untrue because we have neuroplasticity and your brain can actually create new thought patterns. Mediations like the 5-4-3-2-1 method is extremely effective in removing thought paralysis and establishing new habits.

Try the method every day this week to fulfill your creativity workshop prompts and guided meditations. You will see how your brain reacts to establishing this simple discipline. You are here because something inside you wants to be more inspired creatively, will you be able to flow out of your routine and take the actions needed to fulfill your inner callings?

Sadhguru, a well known master in yoga and meditation made a statement that really resonated, he said,

Your destiny is written by you unconsciously.
If you have mastery over your physical body, 15–20% of your life and destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your mind, 50–60% percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands.

If you have mastery over your life energies, a hundred percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands.

The meditation we will be doing this week is an Alpha Meditation from The Silva Mind Control Method Of Mental Dynamics.

This meditation is a full body scan, in which we will call our attention to parts of our body and actively relax those muscles.

By doing this we relax into the alpha brain state which is where we will plant seeds and access our subconscious.

When I first practiced with this meditation, it kind of freaked me out a bit, other times I would fall asleep, but after a few days of practice you will fully lean in and notice the subconscious state is a very abstract place to get to mentally-  this meditation almost guides you to the moment just before dreaming, a place  where you are floating in a state of darkness and deep relaxation.


Before going into the meditation, set your intention, why are you doing this workshop? what do you want to get out of this or what do you wish to create?

Practice getting into alpha by replaying the meditation every night this week.

I will now play the meditation guided by Laura Silva....

(The next 25 minutes of the audio recording is a guided meditation)

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